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Basic approach

The award evaluations with the HAM diploma are based on the following basic procedure. The comparison with the corresponding measures that would have to be carried out without a HAM diploma is written in green.

1. preparatory activities
- Creation of a filter on the basis of the award rules (this step can be omitted if the filter is already included in the program, is downloaded from the HAM Diplom homepage or if a filter is not used) < br> - Creation of an entry in the evaluation list , in which it is specified which logbook is to be examined with which filter
- Practice without HAM diploma :
o Printing out or obtaining the award rules.
o Provision of the QSO cards

2. Evaluation
- List of all QSOs in the logbook and automatic search of the log for suitable QSOs that meet the award condition
- Copy the found QSOs into a selection register
- Further refinement of the search or manual checking of the found QSOs for suitability for the award
- If a filter is used, the program can determine whether the award condition has been met.
- Practice without HAM diploma :
o Printout of the logbook list and examination of every single QSO, whether it meets the award conditions
o The cards that can be submitted are placed in a separate compartment
o This selection may be refined by examining these cards once again more thoroughly to determine whether they have been awarded.

3. Submit
- The selection list can now be printed .
- QSOs that are submitted can now be moved from the selection register to the "Submitted" register . The date of submission is requested.
- Practice without HAM diploma :
o Printout of a self-created list with the QSOs to be submitted
o Manual note of which QSO was submitted and when.

4. Confirmation of the QSOs
- Submitted QSOs that have been recognized by the award manager can be moved to the "Confirmed" tab by specifying the confirmation date.
- If QSOs have not been confirmed, they can also be moved to a corresponding tab "not confirmed" . They will no longer be taken into account in subsequent evaluations.
- Practice without HAM diploma :
o Manual note of which QSO was confirmed or not confirmed and when.

5. Online award examination during the QSO entry
- You can still while entering the QSO display which award the QSO you have just logged is suitable for.
- Practice without HAM diploma :
o This step is almost impossible without a HAM diploma.

· You memorize the conditions of a few awards and then assume whether the QSO you have just logged is useful for the award. You can only really be certain after the QSO, when you take the award conditions and the log to hand and examine them.

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