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Diploma list

The award texts list contains information on various awards. In the delivery state it is empty. No entries in the award list are necessary for the basic function of the program. Nevertheless, you can store all important information about the award here and access it later when creating filters or evaluations

The list of awards created by DG8FAY contains extensive information on awards and can be read here.

The fields are:
Entry number: is assigned automatically by the program
Name of award : name of the award as unambiguous as possible
QRT : Time of expiry of the award
Short text : Brief description of the award
Editor : callsign of the graduate editor
Entry date : (field is taken from the DG8FAY award list)
Editing date : (field is taken from the DG8FAY award list)
Original rules : Journal or other address of the text with the award rules
Prefix issuing country : DXCC of the award publisher
Specification text : Specification; please click with the mouse on this button to enter or view the text.
Award manager : Information about the award manager
Personal information

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