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Define validity and exceptions

Some awards contain a regulation that defines under which conditions stations are generally valid.

Filtereditor für Diplomauswertungen 2
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Pic above:This page contains a list with various formulations that are often found in award texts. Select the appropriate wording from this list.

If you click on the formulation, the formulation is displayed again below the list. But there are words underlined in blue . If you click on these words with the mouse, you can enter a number there

You can select a other list entry at any time, but only the most recently selected list entry is valid.

Select the list entry "There are no restrictions " if the award rules does not contain any identical or similar information.

By pressing the " award text " button, the window expands to the right and shows the text.
The button " Next " leads to the next page.
The button " Back " leads to the previous page.

In another window you can define exceptions for certain QSOs.

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